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New milestone: 25 million m³ of Styrodur® produced so far

A new record for the green insulation panels: since the start of Styrodur® production in 1964, 25 million m³ of Styrodur® have been produced to date.
The Styrodur® storage at the BASF Sewage treatment plant. 

Today's success is based on a long history: it all began with the production of extruded polystyrene foam in 1964 by BASF. In contrast to today's characteristic green - BASF has also patented this colour - the sheet colour at that time was still grey. Success is not long in coming: after only four years, capacities are expanded. There is also a high demand for Styrodur® abroad and the brand becomes synonymous with XPS in Europe. The issue of sustainability soon plays a central role: in 1996, BASF in Germany commits itself to an 80 percent conversion of the product range by mid-1998 and to a complete conversion to CO2 by the year 2000. Both environmentally friendly goals are achieved earlier than planned. To this day, the Styrodur® product portfolio is constantly being developed further, most recently with the resource-saving, biomass-balanced Styrodur® BMB and the innovative Styrodur® Hybrid